Lucky Dog Lodge - Where dogs like to stay when their family's away
What we provide
* bedding
* food and water bowls
What you should bring
We have found that many pets have delicate appetites when placed in unfamiliar surroundings, while some may have special dietary needs.  For these reasons we require that owners supply their pets' normal food for the duration of their stay.   Owners may also bring their pets' own bedding and toys if they choose.  We find that items from home tend to ease the stress some pets experience when first being placed into boarding and do encourage you to send something familiar along to remind them of home.  Please remember however, these may be chewed or soiled by pets during their time at the kennel and may not be returned in the same condition as they arrived.  
Immunization requirements
We require that all vaccines are up to date at the time of boarding, and the initial set of vaccines for puppies are completed at least 2 weeks prior to boarding with us.  This ensures time for the vacinne to provide full immunity.  Please bring along proof of  the required veterinarian administered vaccines including:
* Rabies (state law requires a rabies certificate be kept on file for all kennel     
* State law also requires all dogs to have a PA State Dog License.  Please be 
   sure to have this attached to your dogs collare during their stay with us.

Important information to remember
* Emergency phone numbers and contacts
* Medications and instructions
* Name of authorized pick- up person if other than owner
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